Post-Market Clinical Follow-up / Post-Market Performance Studies with Additional Invasive and/or Burdensome Procedures

Applications for post-market clinical follow up of medical devices/ post-market performance follow up of in vitro medical devices (PMCF/ PMPF) studies which include an additional invasive and/or burdensome procedure must in addition to the NREC-MD application form also include a completed NREC-MD PMCF/PMPF Additional Invasive/Burdensome Procedure Investigation Form.


  • Proposed additional invasive/burdensome procedure(s) should be clearly described in the NREC form.
  • All changes to documentation should be clearly marked up on each document in question.
  • Evidence of fee payment should be submitted with each submission.

To note

  • It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator or Sponsor to determine whether an additional procedure within the PMCF/ PMPF investigation is ‘invasive’ or ‘burdensome’.
  • PMCF/PMPF investigations which include an additional invasive or burdensome procedure must be reviewed and approved by the relevant NREC prior to any study being actioned.
  • Applicants must pay the appropriate fee in advance of submitting their application. Find more out about NREC fees.
  • See our Operational Framework for more details on the review process of PMCF/PMPF investigations with additional invasive and/or burdensome procedures.

Applications should be submitted (in a zipped folder) to

Queries relating to such PMCF/ PMPF investigations can be addressed by the National Office team at

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