Guidance & Procedures



NRECs work to the highest standards to promore the saftety, dignity and well being of research participants while ensuring efficiency and predictability in the ethics review process. A number of procedures and policies guide this work, set by the National Office in line with international best practice in REC operations and the cornerstone ethics principles as set out in trusted ethics resources including the Declaration of Helsinki. We seek to model best practice and embed our values of transparency, integrity and independence in our procedures.

We are committed to transparency in how we operate and will revisit our guidance, policies and procedures annually, in consultation with the NRECs, to ensure they are robust, informed and fit for purpose.

This section of our website provides an overview of resources for NREC applicants, and procedures and guidance on various topics relevant for research ethics review. The guidance in the documents represents best practice in the field and can be a useful point of reference for research applicants submitting for NREC review.

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