Meetings and Cut-off Dates

Applications to the NREC for Clinical Investigations of Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices (NREC-MD) can be submitted at any stage throughout the month, and until the submission cut-off date for the next NREC meeting (see table below).

All applications must be submitted to the National Office by 12 noon on the cut-off date to be considered at the corresponding NREC-MD meeting.

Depending on the volume of applications received ahead of the cut-off date, the Chair of NREC-MD in consultation with the Programme Manager may need to limit the number of applications reviewed at any given meeting in order to manage workflow and ensure consistency in ethics review.

The submission cut-off dates relate to the submission of a ‘Valid’ application. All applications deemed as ‘Invalid’ by the National Office will require resubmission for consideration by the NREC-MD.

Apply to the NREC-MD.

Submission cut-off dates 2021/2022Meeting Dates 2021/2022
05 May 202219 May 2022
02 June 202216 June 2022
07 July 202221 July 2022
04 August 202218 August 2022
01 September 202215 September 2022
29 September 202213 October 2022
03 November 202217 November 2022
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