Meetings and Cut-off Dates

Cut-off dates for submission:  

Under the Clinical Trial Regulation (CTR), timelines are dictated by the Clinical Trial Information System (CTIS), and the National Office cut off dates will no longer apply.

Transition to CTR through the CTIS: 

From 31 January 2023, all new applications must be submitted under the CTR via the CTIS system: 

Further guidance on the process can be found here:

Meetings are filled on a first come first served basis. Depending on the volume of applications received ahead of the cut-off date, the Chairperson of the NREC-CTs in consultation with the Programme Manager will limit the number of applications reviewed at any given meeting in order to manage workflow and ensure consistent high-quality ethics review. 

Apply to the NREC-CT.


NREC Submission cut-off dates 2023 Meeting Dates 2023 Meeting Dates
NREC-CT BN/A15 March 2023
NREC-CT AN/A29 March 2023
NREC-CT BN/A12 April 2023
NREC-CT AN/A26 April 2023
NREC-CT BN/A10 May 2023
NREC-CT AN/A24 May 2023
NREC-CT BN/A14 June 2023
NREC-CT AN/A28 June 2023
NREC-CT BN/A12 July 2023
NREC-CT AN/A26 July 2023
NREC-CT AN/A16 August 2023
NREC-CT BN/A6 September 2023
NREC-CT AN/A20 September 2023
NREC-CT BN/A11 October 2023
NREC-CT AN/A25 October 2023
NREC-CT BN/A08 November 2023
NREC-CT AN/A22 November 2023
NREC-CT BN/A13 December 2023
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